Monday, November 21, 2011


I support the #occupy movement. I've spent many happy hours @ #occupychicago (not days, sorry, but I'm doing more than most people). But here's a cruel fact: if your #occupy movement is fighting cops, that means you've failed. You've failed to rally enough people - if you want to do something the cops don't want you to do, the only way to succeed is with overwhelming numbers. Otherwise, be prepared to take your lumps and go to court for what you believe in and acknowledge that you've succeeded more as a fringe group rather than as an entity that represents the 99%.
We're fortunate in Chicago that the occupiers mostly recognize that fact and that the cops learned a lot from the mistakes of 1968. So we're able to get the message out, have some arrests that lately seem on both sides to be just street theater, nobody gets hurt and the reputations of Chicago and #occupychicago aren't tarnished.

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