Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What Kelly Mann & I should agree on


@KellyMann6 @OccupyChicago
Quit making excuses and blaming other pep if u can't get ahead.If I could do it w/o any handouts so can anyone


Maybe not u personally but a large part of occupy movement believe in sharing the wealth.Wealth they didn't earn.

Hi Kelly!
Congratulations on the hard work you've done and the success you've achieved. Most people agree that good, productive work should be rewarded. And to me, that implies that the rewards shouldn't be going to the trust-fund children, the financial masters of the universe that caused the Great Recession, the crony capitalists who use their money to influence Congress to pass laws that enable them to make more money by polluting our country (and stick the taxpayer with the bill for cleaning up their mess), the media giants who make their money by cynically misleading hard-working people like you...
If we can both agree that these people haven't really earned their money, then I think you can begin to understand that we're not radicals. We want fairness for hard-working people like you, and right now we think the top economic 1% has more political power than they deserve. We think that's bad for the entire country, and rebalancing that power will make all of us more able to do the hard work we want to do and be fairly rewarded for that work.

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