Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Et tu, Huntsman?

I never thought I'd agree with him on much of anything, but it always seemed like Jon Huntsman wasn't as craven, cynical or bat-shit crazy as the other Republican candidates. Maybe it was because he said he liked Captain Beefheart and tweeted, "I believe in evolution and trust scientists on global warming."
Well, he hasn't stabbed the evolutionists or Beefheart fans in the back yet, but he's now shown that he's willing to be as big a weasel as anyone else in the GOP race.
Huntsman appeared before the Heritage Foundation (strike one), says he wants more evidence that people are causing global warming (strike two) and couldn't even get the facts straight about the BS email climate "controversy" (and you're out).
I've never seen a group of candidates that are such horrible liars, so dangerously deluded and are really genuinely awful people. I thought competition was supposed to bring out the best, but with this election, the democratic "marketplace of ideas" has become a shoddy, barren discount store.
Read more about how Jon puts the "C" in Huntsman here and here.

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