Friday, December 2, 2011

I made a song. It's Xtreme!

Didn't someone say "extremism in the defense of the planet is no vice"?
Half my friends hate the message. Fuck them.
The other half hate the music. Fuck them, too.
The corporation that put it on iTunes and Amazon said they were taking it down. Corporations are stupid, so it's still there. Fuck them. Here's a free copy. They won't be sending me any money anyway.
But you should visit the corporate monsters and give it a good review, if you want.

US: Click here for iTunes or search for "Don't Shoot" by Green Means Stop. It's also available from Amazon here.

UK iTunes: Click here.

Canada iTunes: Click here.

Australia iTunes: Click here.

Ireland iTunes: Click here.

France iTunes: Click here.

Germany iTunes: Click here.

etc., etc.

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